Intro to Pulumi: Deploy your First Pulumi Application


In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of Infrastructure as Code through a series of guided exercises using Pulumi’s Cloud Engineering platform. You will be introduced to Pulumi, an infrastructure as code platform where you can use programming languages to provision modern cloud infrastructure.

This workshop is designed to help users completely new to Pulumi become familiar with the core concepts needed to be effective with the Pulumi Infrastructure as Code platform. We will guide through the Pulumi platform with diagrams and a series of hands on exercises to help you understand the building blocks available in Pulumi.


To successfully complete all the exercises you will need to have Docker installed on your machine. You can also install the Pulumi CLI ahead of time, but we will walk you through the install process during the session.


  • Lee Briggs
    Community Engineer, Pulumi

What you'll learn

  • What is Pulumi?
  • How to install Pulumi
  • Configuring your development environment
  • Choose your Pulumi language
  • An introduction to the Pulumi state & the Pulumi Service
  • An introduction to Pulumi config
  • Storing sensitive data in Pulumi securely
  • Provision your first resources
  • Understanding stacks
  • An introduction to the Pulumi programming model

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