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Multicloud OSS Database Deployments With Zero Downtime - Pulumi and Aiven

Multicloud OSS Database Deployments With Zero Downtime - Pulumi and Aiven


DURATION: 1 hour

With Pulumi and Aiven, you can build robust, multi-cloud applications using the language of your choice, the open source database of your choice, and the cloud of your choice. Join Pulumi engineer Paul Stack and Aiven solution architect Trevor Kennedy to see how easy it is to define, deploy and manage production-ready apps.
  • Paul Stack
    Software Engineer, Pulumi
  • Trevor Kennedy
    Solutions Architect, Aiven

Join us to learn:

  • How Pulumi infrastructure as code makes it easy to define resources across clouds.
  • How Aiven simplifies database provisioning and management for Postgres, MySQL, Kafka, Cassandra, Elasticsearch on multiple clouds
  • How to combine solutions so that your applications can be hosted anywhere and moved across clouds and regions with zero downtime.

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