Sharing & Reusing Infrastructure with Artifactory



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Duration: 1 hour
Empower your teams to move faster with shared infrastructure components that follow and enforce best practices. Dan Hernandez (Pulumi) and Melissa McKay (JFrog) will show you how to define key resources such as VPCs, storage, Kubernetes clusters, Docker images, serverless functions, and policies using multiple languages. Then, see how easy it is to share these modules across your organization with Artifactory.


  • Dan Hernandez
    Customer Engineer, Pulumi
  • Melissa McKay
    Developer Advocate, JFrog

Join us to learn:

  • Infrastructure as code concepts with Pulumi.
  • Artifact sharing best practices using Artifactory.
  • Utilizing Pulumi packages to standardize infrastructure.
  • Using Artifactory to author and manage Pulumi packages.
  • Consuming Pulumi packages stored in Artifactory.


This course will be taught using Pulumi Cloud. To follow along, sign up for your free account:

Recording Coming Soon!

This live webinar is no longer available. The recording will be posted to this page when it is available.

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