Beyond Prod: Don't Let Your Data Fail You

Session Information

In the era of microservices, decentralized ML architectures and complex data pipelines, data quality has become a bigger challenge than ever. While infrastructure-as-code and DevOps frameworks such as Pulumi enable best practices in managing and testing the infrastructure and software, much is left to be desired for managing data quality. As data becomes more entangled in software-based decisions, it’s critical for companies to start treating data with similar rigor to what the DevOps world has. In this talk, we will address this challenge through whylogs, an open source standard for data logging. We’ll deep-dive how whylogs fit into the general infrastructure as a whole and how it can enable end-to-end observability and monitoring for your data stack. This shift in paradigm will enable companies that operate with data to move faster and safer by building discipline and processes around data.

  • Andy Dang
    Co-Founder and Engineering Lead, WhyLabs
  • Transcript coming soon.

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