Software Engineering in Infrastructure Engineering

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When we think about the concept that is Software Engineering, we think about building well-designed software that solves the problems our customers face. The key takeaway here is that software engineers are problem solvers.

In the world of infrastructure deployments, there are many problems that exist because of the software engineering problems we are trying to solve. Pretty ironic, right? We attempt to solve problems only to create more :). A major problem for a cloud service is having multiple instances of the service in multiple regions and maintaining high availability for users.

As great as IaC (Infrastructure as Code) is, it can be a problem maintaining different configurations for different environments where each environment has multiple instances with varying configurations.

In this talk, I will go through how I use the software engineering process in conjunction with pulumi stacks and state, to solve this infrastructure engineering problem.

  • Adora Nwodo
    Software Engineer at Microsoft
  • Transcript coming soon.

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