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Infrastructure as Code provides a way for teams and companies to standardize the way they manage and secure applications. In this talk, Fariba Khan and Stephen Van Gordon will share how they leverage a custom state backend with SSO, RBAC, and programmatically configurable pipelines powered by CICD tooling and the Pulumi Automation API to drive IaC at Apple.

This framework of tools enables teams to provision secure-by-default Compute, Storage, Identity, Ingress, and other components available in multiple languages in very little time and without any manual interventions. This experience is complemented by operations-friendly workflows previewing infrastructure changes between deployments, as well as cost and policy violations directly in Github comments. This results in reduced cognitive overhead when making changes to a deployment. Finally, by providing the state store for IaC stacks our team gains insight into usage patterns, security issues, and compliance via rich data and analytics.

  • Fariba Khan
    Engineer, Cloud Services, Apple
  • Stephen Van Gordon
    Engineer, Cloud Services, Apple
  • Transcript coming soon.

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