Trailblazers: exploration, discovery, & navigating failure

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Why is it that trailblazers seem to adopt new technologies unscathed, but then mainstream adopters come along and follow published “best practices” only to experience major incidents and outages?

Lewis and Clark’s epic 8,000-mile expedition into the unknown wilds of the American Pacific Northwest led to the creation of the Oregon Trail, and along the way only lost one team member. Years later, with maps in hand, wagoners would attempt this journey, and along the way, an estimated 20,000 died.

In this session, I’ll share what we can learn from trailblazers and how adopting techniques for exploration (even when operating in well-known territory) can help us build more reliable systems, and maybe even prevent you from dying of dysentery!

  • Jason Yee
    Director of Advocacy, Gremlin
  • Transcript coming soon.

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