Amp-up GitLab Merge Requests With Pulumi

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We are excited to announce the launch of native support for integrating GitLab Merge Requests with Pulumi. By integrating your GitLab Projects directly with Pulumi, you can now approve your merge requests with confidence.

New To Pulumi and GitLab CI/CD?

GitLab’s merge request pipelines runs a CI/CD workflow for building and testing your software. Pulumi makes a great addition to it, by allowing you to preview any infrastructure changes as part of your merge request flow.

Using the merge request pipeline feature with Pulumi can validate the changes to your infrastructure before they are applied. Once validated and approved through a peer-review process, you can apply your changes quickly and continuously with confidence while doing so, a process commonly referred to as GitOps for infrastructure.

To leverage GitOps for your infrastructure, the Pulumi CLI offers two commands: preview and up.

ConceptPulumi commandRole
Merge requests pipelinepulumi previewPreview infrastructure changes to be merged.
Master branch pipelinepulumi upUpdate your infrastructure with latest changes

Learn how to use Pulumi in GitLab CI/CD with merge request pipelines and how to configure the GitLab project integration with Pulumi.

Already Using Both?

If you are already a user of either Pulumi and GitLab CI/CD, you know the importance of merge request pipelines and running Pulumi within them. With today’s announcement, you can now make any changes to your infrastructure in your merge request front and center, so you don’t miss any of those changes.

Here’s a preview of what that looks like 😉

Merge Request Note

Head over to our docs to learn how to configure the GitLab integration, whether for a single project or all of the projects under a GitLab Group.

GitLab provides lots of tools for streamlining your application delivery, and the new integration with Pulumi makes things even better. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions for other improvements. Check out the Pulumi Community Slack.