Pulumi Meetup Recap: APIs, Custom Resources and GitHub Webhooks

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Last Wednesday, we invited members of our local Seattle community to Pulumi HQ for the July Pulumi Up meetup. The evening began with some networking time wherein our guests met some Pulumi engineers and users they may have only ever interacted with over Pulumi’s Community Slack while enjoying free pizza and beverages. This month’s meetup featured two talks by Pulumi engineers.

Application code isn’t the only code that can have APIs

Unfortunately, due to travel issues, Paul Stack wasn’t able to join us in person, but graciously agreed to present remotely… from Europe… at 4:00 in the morning. He presented “Application code isn’t the only code that can have APIs” and went over how programming languages help in building the best infrastructure code. During the talk, he presented a simple Pulumi program for creating an RDS instance and walked through the simple programming constructs he utilized to help create APIs that anyone could code against. Here’s a recording of his talk, with the video also available on the Pulumi TV YouTube Channel.

Automate your troubles away with Webhooks and Pulumi

Next up, Matt Ellis presented “Automating your troubles away with Webhooks and Pulumi.” Matt isn’t a fan of confrontation, but as the lead of the Pulumi API team, he needs to ensure that our changelog is kept up-to-date with every pull request. In his talk, he walked through his solution that leveraged GitHub Webhooks and Pulumi in building a small bot that enforced some policies on pull requests. You can read more about it in his previous blog post on Pulumi Webhooks, or watch the recording of his talk, which is also available on the Pulumi TV YouTube Channel.

After the talks, there was time for more networking and a last chance to get one more slice of pizza. After some more discussions inspired by the speakers, we closed out the evening.

If you’re in the Seattle area, be sure to join the Pulumi - Seattle meetup group and join us for our next Pulumi Up. Otherwise, subscribe to the Pulumi TV YouTube Channel and watch the presentations at your leisure.