Resource Oriented Documentation

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Documentation in any product is super important, and an area where folks have shared a lot of feedback! We’ve heard you, and this week we took a major step in rolling out a brand new approach to resource documentation. We hope you like it as much as we do.

A New Format

In short, our docs are now resource-oriented. Each resource is presented on a single page for better viewing, discovery, and navigation. All content now supports switching between different languages, so that Pythonistas, Gophers, and .NET aficionados can now easily find code examples in their favorite language.

Pick your favorite language!

Pick your favorite language!

API docs for each language are still available and are deep-linked. In general, we will lead with this resource-oriented format throughout our content as a canonical, language-agnostic reference for all Pulumi resources.

We’ve rolled this out these for AWS, Azure, and GCP, and other providers, including Kubernetes, will appear soon.

We’d love your feedback on the new docs either in #docs, in GitHub, or via the | buttons on the site.

Here are a few pointers: