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Credijusto Manages Authentication with Auth0 and Pulumi

Credijusto Manages Authentication with Auth0 and Pulumi

Guest author Lead Devops Engineer Fernando Carletti, writes about using the Pulumi Auth0 provider to manage resources at Credijusto.

Auth0 allows you to simplify your authentication process. The Auth0 Provider allows you to manage the Auth0 resources, managing Applications, Databases, Social Connections, APIs, and other resources. Here at Credijusto we use it manage authentication from the front-end through all the APIs that serve that request, leveraging the complexity of the authentication to Auth0.

For this article, we will start a new Pulumi project in a fresh Auth0 account and fully configure it for a backend and a single page application and set up a connection to Github which allows you apps to authenticate with it using OAuth.

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