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Using Pulumi Inside Node.js Monorepos

Using Pulumi Inside Node.js Monorepos

One of Pulumi’s core goals is to provide cloud engineers with access to the very best software engineering tooling available. Using traditional programming languages like Node.js, Python, Go, .NET and Java means the latest and greatest software engineering tools from each of these ecosystems is available to bring to bear on managing cloud infrastructure, natively integrated with your existing development environments.

In the Node.js ecosystem, we’ve seen an explosion of great tooling over the last couple of years around support for monorepos - larger repositories built out of many smaller projects, and sharing code and dependencies smartly across all the various projects. We’ve seen many of our Pulumi Node.js users adopting these tools and repo structures, including tools like Yarn Workspaces, pnpm, Turborepo, and especially Nx.

While it has always been possible to apply these tools to Pulumi Node.js projects in TypeScript or JavaScript just like any other Node.js project, we’ve recently made a number of enhancements and fixes to make sure that Pulumi works truly seamlessly with these tools.

In this post, we’ll show how you can build a seamless development workflow by integrating Pulumi code level abstractions, such as Component Resources, with a monorepo-based build system like Nx.

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