The Industry Comes Together for the Cloud Engineering Summit

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When we launched the first-ever Cloud Engineering Summit last year, we were humbled by the generosity and support from partners and sponsors across the industry who helped to make the summit a success. For this year’s event, we’re equally thrilled to have an amazing group of sponsors participating in the summit and it’s worth a quick ‘guided tour’ of the teams that are helping us to pull off this amazing event.

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Amazon Web Services

AWS was an inaugural sponsor for the Cloud Engineering Summit with a talk from Alex Head about cost optimization. The AWS team returns again this year with four sessions: Emily Freeman will talk about Rethinking the SDLC, Rahul Sharma will share his team’s experience building the brand new Cloud Control API in How AWS architects APIs for hyper-scale, and Jenna Pederson will show you how to Bring software development practices to your infrastructure. Finally, Ken Exner will be chatting with Joe Duffy about the future of tooling for modern cloud infrastructure.

We’ll cap off the summit in a free, post-event workshop with Marina Novikova and Laura Santamaria showing you how to get started on AWS.


New to the Cloud Engineering Summit this year, cloud services experts Fariba Khan and Stephen Van Gordon will share their experiences managing infrastructure at scale in Lifecycle of a Pulumi Program. They’ll talk about building a custom state backend, using CI/CD tooling, and the Pulumi Automation API to empower teams to provision secure-by-default configurations automatically.

Google Cloud

Last year we hosted a fantastic talk from Jason (Jay) Smith who showed attendees how to stand up a serverless platform. This year, we’re proud to include Google Cloud as a sponsor and feature a keynote from Kelsey Hightower with Joe Duffy.

After the summit, you can also join Kat Cosgrove for free hands-on training showing you how to get started with Google Cloud.


The 2020 Cloud Engineering Summit featured Amanda Silver in a Future of Cloud Engineering panel and Adora Nwodo showed everyone how to manage apps and infrastructure in a single CI/CD pipeline. Adora will return to the summit again this year to talk about Software engineering in infrastructure engineering.

For those looking to expand their cloud engineering skillset after the summit, Matt Stratton will host a workshop to show attendees how to get started with Azure.


We’ve spent a lot of time with the NGINX team over the past year in their quest to make it easier than ever to get to production with Kubernetes. Join first-time summit speakers Damian Curry and Elijah Zupancic for a lightning talk followed by NGINX office hours to learn about Building a modern app reference architecture for Kubernetes.

Then, if you’re ready for some hands-on Kubernetes help, join our post-event workshop From Zero to Production in Kubernetes.


New to the summit this year, Bridgecrew’s Steve Giguere is joining the Build track to share Taking a Kubernetes Deployment from Default to Secure.


Long-time collaborator Angel Rivera from CircleCI joins the Deploy track to talk about Building Arm Compatible CI/CD Pipelines and show you how to take advantage of Arm architectures in both your pipelines and workloads.


The GitHub team participated in three sessions last year including the Architectures and Platforms and Security and Policy panels. This year, the team returns with Rizel Bobb-Semple delivering a plenary session showing you how to get From Code to Cloud without learning new tools.


If you missed Charity Major’s summit session last year about Testing In Production, stop reading and go watch it. Then, register for Liz Fong-Jones’s Build track session this year: What is OpenTelemetry.


Last year, Johnathan Sullivan joined the Culture, Process, and Tools panel, and we’re excited to welcome Chris Buijs to this year’s Deploy panel.

…and many more

Beyond the teams and sessions mentioned above, the Cloud Engineering Summit wouldn’t be possible without help and support from a long list of sponsors and collaborators including Codefresh, Split, and Uffizzi. Watch the replay today to see what all the fuss is about.