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Reduce Cloud Costs with EC2 ARM Instances

Reduce Cloud Costs with EC2 ARM Instances

Whether you’re migrating to the cloud or have existing infrastructure, cloud spend can be a significant barrier to your success. Too small of a budget could prevent your organization from meeting your performance metrics. You can use different strategies to reduce cloud spend, such as using Spot Instances, which cost less than On-Demand Instances or scaling your infrastructure based on peak usage times.

With the addition of Graviton2 based EC2 Instances, AWS offers an on-demand alternative for decreasing cloud spend. Both Amazon and independent testing demonstrated that the general-purpose M6g instance delivered up to a 40% gain of price/performance compared to Intel m5.large instances. In addition to the M6g general-purpose instance, AWS offers instances general-purpose burstable (T4g), compute-optimized (C6g), and memory-optimized (R6g) EC2 instances.

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