Announcing Per User Pricing and Unlimited Stacks for Teams

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This blog post is outdated and no longer accurate. We have updated our pricing structure in response to user feedback. Learn all about it in our new blog post: Announcing New Usage-Based Pricing For Your Whole Team. Or visit our Pricing Page for more details about pricing.

Since launching last year, thousands of users and hundreds of companies, from startups to Fortune 500 Enterprises, have chosen Pulumi for cloud applications and infrastructure delivery across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes. Today we are announcing important changes to better align our product and pricing with how we’ve heard you want to use Pulumi in production. We’re optimistic that these changes will help companies of all sizes choose Pulumi, enabling their teams to deliver cloud applications and infrastructure faster and more reliably.

The net result is three paid editions:

  • Team Starter Edition: for teams just getting started with Pulumi
  • Team Pro Edition: for medium to large teams using Pulumi at scale
  • Enterprise Edition: for large organizations using Pulumi with advanced needs

Pulumi Community Edition remains unchanged, and is free for unlimited individual use.

In addition to the product edition changes, we are moving away from per stack pricing. We heard clear feedback from customers that per stack pricing made it difficult to plan and budget for future growth, and that it unintentionally penalized certain architectural decisions. The new per user model should be more affordable and predictable.

Here is a summary of the resulting options. For full details, view our pricing page.

For teams just getting started with cloud applications and infrastructure.For medium to large teams using Pulumi for multiple projects or clouds.For large organizations operating at scale or with advanced custom needs.
  • Any Cloud
  • Includes 3 users
  • Up to 20 stacks
  • Basic secrets management
  • CI/CD Integrations
Everything in Team Starter plus…
  • Up to 25 users
  • Unlimited projects and stacks
  • Webhooks
  • Advanced secrets management
  • 12x5 support available
Everything in Team Pro plus…
  • Teams, roles, and policies
  • On-premeses/self-host available
  • 24x7 support available

All editions offer a 14-day free trial, no credit card required. If you need a longer trial period, want to discuss potential proof of concept projects, or are interested in advanced capabilities, such as large numbers of seats, Training, or Support, please contact us.

We remain committed to fostering a vibrant open source community while also delivering a robust production service that teams of all sizes are choosing for their cloud needs. From startups, to medium sized organizations, to the largest Fortune 500 customers, we truly believe that these new editions now offer a great option for everyone.

We hope you agree and look forward to seeing the great things your team builds with Pulumi!


Here are some common frequently asked questions about the pricing structure:

How do I get started?

To get started, simply sign up for free using your identity provider of choice (ideally the same one your organization will be backed by). From there, create an organization that your team members will use. To use the free Community Edition, just download the CLI and sign into the free tier of the service when it prompts you.

What is an organization?

An organization is a shared workspace for your business to collaborate across multiple projects at once. Organizations may be backed by your existing source control system (GitHub, GitLab, Atlassian), identity provider (any SAML/SSO provider, including Okta and Active Directory), or managed manually. Organization owners and administrators can manage access to the organization’s projects with security and administrative features.

The key distinction between Pulumi’s free Community Edition and its paid offerings — Team Starter, Team Pro, and Enterprise — is the presence of an organization. The Community Edition is meant for individuals using Pulumi for their private projects, but this tends not to work in a team setting. Most teams want multiple engineers to have access to their projects. This is precisely what organizations deliver to you. The advanced tiers offer even more sophisticated organization management facilities, including RBAC for advanced policy controls.

Can I start small and upgrade later?

Yes! We designed the editions to make it easy to get started with Team Starter, and once you’ve outgrown it, upgrading to Team Pro is a single click away. To upgrade to Enterprise, please contact us.

I’m an existing customer on a per stack plan – what do I do?

We are in the process of reaching out to all existing customers to offer a switch to one of the new plans. If you haven’t heard from us yet, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. If now isn’t the right time to change for your team, however, don’t worry — we are happy to honor your existing subscription terms.

Do you offer custom pricing for large teams?

We are always happy to discuss the best way to ensure Pulumi can work for your team. To talk with a leader at the company, please simply fill out the contact us form and we’ll be in touch.

What payment options do you accept?

All subscriptions can be paid with a credit card (we use Stripe for processing). The Pulumi Service is meant to be easy to sign up for, so feel free to simply begin your trial, and then you may enter your credit card on your organization’s Settings page.

For annual subscriptions, we also offer invoicing that is payable with bank transfer or check. To discuss those options in more detail, please contact us.