Announcing New Usage-Based Pricing For Your Whole Team

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Today we are launching Pulumi Team Edition, a new way for teams to adopt and use Pulumi and the Pulumi Service to collaborate on building, managing and deploying cloud infrastructure as code. Pulumi Team Edition is priced based on the number of cloud resources under management, with a generous free tier to ensure that teams can get up and running with Pulumi Team Edition at no cost.

Pulumi Enterprise Edition, which offers larger organizations advanced security, policy, access control, support and billing options, is also now available with usage-based pricing, including prepaid options with bulk discounts available.

These new offerings replace the previous Pulumi Team Starter, Team Pro and Enterprise editions, which were priced based on the number of users who had access to deploy and manage infrastructure. As we’ve worked with many customers to tackle their cloud modernization initiatives, we’ve heard consistently that teams would like to use infrastructure as code broadly across the organization. This is a core goal of Cloud Engineering, which empowers every developer and infrastructure practitioner in the team to be hands-on with cloud infrastructure. For some users, this might be every day, for others, it might be a couple times a month, but giving everyone in the organization access to manage their cloud infrastructure empowers organizations to move more quickly and collaborate more effectively. This new pricing model was designed to make it easy to give Pulumi to the entire team. Pulumi Team Edition supports up to 10 users, and Pulumi Enterprise Edition supports unlimited users.

Pricing based on the number of resources under management means that price scales naturally with the cloud infrastructure complexity being tamed, and aligns well with how your infrastructure is purchased. Pricing is based on Pulumi Credits, and a Pulumi Credit is one cloud resource under management for one hour.

New customers can sign up for Pulumi Team Edition starting today. Existing customers can contact us now if they are interested in moving to the new Team or Enterprise Editions.

The net result is three Pulumi editions available now:

  • Individual Edition: our Community Edition is being rebranded but remains unchanged, and is free for unlimited individual use.
  • Team Edition: up to 10 members can collaborate on projects with unlimited deployments, unlimited stacks and unlimited update history. This plan includes 150k free Pulumi Credits per month, letting you manage up to 200 cloud resources for free every month. After that, additional Pulumi Credits cost only $1 for every 2000 Credits.
  • Enterprise Edition: for large organizations that need unlimited users, unlimited teams, Role-Based Access Control, SAML/SSO, policy enforcement, audit logging, and 12x5 or 24x7 support for their production deployments.

Full details of the new editions are available on our pricing page.

Pricing Page

You can try out Pulumi with a 14-day free trial, no credit card required. If you need a longer trial period, want to discuss potential proof of concept projects, or are interested in advanced capabilities, such as policy and audit logs, Training, or Support, please contact us.

We remain committed to fostering a vibrant open source community while also delivering a robust production service that teams of all sizes are choosing for their cloud needs. From startups, to medium-sized organizations, to the largest Fortune 500 customers, we truly believe that these new editions now offer a great option for everyone. If you are using our pure open source offering, nothing has changed. We have also recently added a new offer for open source projects and foundations, and provide discounts for early stage startups. To discuss either, please contact us.

We hope this change helps to get Pulumi into the hands of more of your team faster, accelerating your Cloud Engineering journey, and look forward to seeing the great things you and your team builds with Pulumi!