2021 End of Year Review

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It’s the end of the 2021 calendar year here at Pulumi, and like everyone, we’re counting down until 2022 while looking back at our year. We’ve had a very exciting year! In case you missed anything from our past year, here’s a rundown of the top stories from Pulumi:


Pulumi became SOC2 certified in early January 2021.


We brought support for all four official Pulumi languages to EKS.

We released Python support for our powerful Automation API.


We immediately followed up with releasing C# support for the Automation API.

The Azure Native provider, which communicates directly with the Azure resource model, went GA (general availability) after a period of being in beta.


We had a bit of fun on April Fool’s Day with Pulumi Interstellar (if you don’t understand April Fool’s Day because it’s not something you have in your country, please know this is a joke for fun).

The biggest news for April, though, was our PulumiUP event, where we showcased new releases for the Pulumi platform. Here are the big announcements:


We took a bit of a break in May from the blog to be heads down working on the next features after the excitement of PulumiUP. We did talk a bit about integration with App Runner, though!


We started posting our release notes as regular updates to the blog.

We took some time to dive into testing infrastructure in one of our many educational articles.

We worked with the community for a hackathon on multi-language components.

We announced Pulumi Team Edition with usage-based pricing and a free tier to get you started and Pulumi Enterprise Edition with access control and more on the same usage-based pricing system.


July was a month of education, with articles on Cloud Engineering as a concept, more on testing, and a new series on Kubernetes:


We kicked off an entire series on Azure developers for this month. Start here.


September saw preparations for Cloud Engineering Summit, with blog posts talking about the upcoming event. Still, we had time for more features!

We announced a public preview of a Helm Release resource.

We launched a Provider for Snowflake.

We shipped the public release of the Pulumi REST API, which had been a behind-the-scenes powerhouse.

We started supporting AWS Lambdas on Gravitron2 processors.

We opened up our roadmap to the public to vote on and discuss upcoming projects.

And finally, just squeezing into the end of September, we launched the public preview of the AWS Native Provider, powered by AWS’s Cloud Control API, so you can use Pulumi to work directly with the AWS resource model.


Cloud Engineering Summit was our biggest event of the year, and you can enjoy all of the sessions over on PulumiTV. That being said, we still had a lot to share on the blog.

We introduced resource methods for Pulumi Packages.

We shipped the 1.0 release of the Kubernetes Operator.

We delivered the Pulumi Registry.


We started providing same-day support for Azure Container Apps.

We reworked functions to accept outputs.


We started some more educational series:

… and Beyond

As we look forward to 2022, we’re not done yet! We’ve done a lot of things in 2021, and we’re on course to do a lot more in the next year. I’m excited that we’re all along for the ride, and we can’t wait to share more features and launches with you. Thanks for being with us, and here’s to 2022.

By the way, did you know we’re hiring?