Announcing Pulumi Community Slack Archive

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Creating a place for the Pulumi community to gather, ask questions, get help in real-time, and share successes has been an important part of the explosive growth we’ve seen in both users and customers. The Pulumi community slack has grown to over 7000 members and well over 200,000 messages.

Within those 200,000 messages are years of information kept behind a “walled garden” that is undiscoverable outside Slack’s search capabilities.

Today we’re announcing that our community slack is now publicly available via thanks to Linen

For many, Slack has become the de-facto collaboration tool. Adding Slack workspaces is relatively straightforward and means you can communicate with various different communities and your colleagues in real-time.

This ability to use the tools you’re using in your everyday work to also quickly get help with Pulumi has proven to be extremely successful. Our users often tell us that having access to Pulumi staff and other community members helps them accelerate their cloud engineering journey. In addition to providing value to our users, the Pulumi team enjoys having a mechanism to engage with users to get feedback and inform them about the Pulumi ecosystem. It’s clear to us that the Pulumi community slack has proven invaluable as Pulumi has grown.

The use of Slack for our community meeting place isn’t without its problems. Often, the first port of call for users that need answers is to use search engines, and all of the information stored in Slack isn’t readily available by default with Slack. The Pulumi team regularly answers questions on StackOverflow and via GitHub Discussions which are searchable and indexed by search engines, but adding the treasure trove of information from Slack will improve the experience for eager Pulumi users.

Until now, this has been exceptionally difficult. With the recent launch of Linen we are able to bring our community chat outside of Slack’s boundaries in an easily searchable, indexable way.

We’re excited to provide this to the community and encourage you to try it out at