Announcing the Speaker Lineup for PulumiUP 2023

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PulumiUP is our virtual user conference for the Pulumi community and anyone interested in Infrastructure as Code. Every year, we strive to build a program packed with technical talks, demos, and best practices with the goal of leaving you with new learnings and inspiration that will help you become a better cloud engineer. You’ll hear from industry leaders and experts about IaC, software engineering, DevOps, Platform engineering, and AI.

We hope you’ll join us virtually and take this opportunity to grow your knowledge and become infrastructure as code stars.

Get Ready for Amazing Launches and Demos

Learn about Pulumi’s newest features across the core IaC SDKs and Pulumi Cloud. And watch hands-on demos by the Pulumi team:

  • Joe Duffy, Co-founder and CEO
  • Luke Hoban, Co-creator of TypeScript and CTO
  • Meagan Cojocar, Principal Product Manager
  • Evan Boyle, Engineering Manager
  • Zaid Ajaj, Software Engineer

Final Speakers Announced

You’ll hear from innovators, leaders, and experts from multiple industries and learn about infrastructure as code, software engineering, and cloud engineering.

Sam Cogan - Solution Architect, WTW

Talk: Keeping your Infrastructure Code DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself)
Sam is a Solution Architect with WTW and a Microsoft Azure MVP. Sam is focused on delivering applications into the cloud using IaaS, PaaS, Serverless, Containers, and Kubernetes. Sam is particularly focused on automation and DevOps, including Infrastructure as Code, Cloud automation tooling, PowerShell, and CI/CD tooling.

Dennis Sauvé - DevOps Engineer, Washington Trust Bank

Talk: How a Bank Modernized its Software Engineering with Infrastructure as Code Automation
Dennis is a development operations engineer at Washington Trust Bank in Spokane, WA. With years of experience in software development and cloud engineering, he works to streamline deployment pipelines and create solutions for developers.

Ala Shiban - Co-Founder & CEO, Klotho

Talk: Creating a ‘Cloud-Aware’ Code Solution
Ala is the co-founder of Klotho, a startup that transforms plain code to cloud-native code. He started his journey on Commodore64 with cassette tapes and (much) more recently worked on distributed systems, developer tools, and large-scale web, cloud, and microservice backends.

He’s led smaller teams and larger organizations at Microsoft’s Developer Division and Riot Games’ Infrastructure Platform organization.

Matt Stephenson - Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Starburst Data

Talk: Creating Infrastructure Automation Magic with Code
Matt is a Sr. Principal Software Engineer at Starburst Data. He’s responsible for Starburst’s infrastructure architecture. He’s worked at many tech companies, including Square, Oracle, Google, and Amazon. Aside from technology, Matt is a pilot and helps build The Man for Burning Man each year.

Tim Holm - Co-Founder & CTO, Nitric

Talk: Engineering a Multi-cloud Platform
Tim Holm is the Co-founder and CTO at Nitric, with 12 years of experience in software engineering and cloud development. In disciplines ranging from Server and Storage Virtualisation and Automation, Mobile Application development, Full-stack application development, and Cloud infrastructure automation. Before founding Nitric, Tim worked to deliver critical infrastructure projects in Government and Fintech.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys video games, building Lego, and mountain biking.

Tyler Scheuble - Head of Platform, People Data Labs

Talk: Using Monorepos to Level-up your Infrastructure as Code and Software Delivery
Tyler possesses a genuine enthusiasm for technology. At People Data Labs, he has designed petabyte-scale data pipelines and high-performance APIs with demanding availability requirements, which informed his approach to leading the development of the next generation of the startup’s development pipelines and environments.

Tyler is passionate about finding simple solutions to cross-cutting concerns such as security, observability, and development velocity.

Sefi Genis - Co-Founder & CTO, Firefly

Talk: Lessons Learned from Writing Thousands of Lines of IaC
Sefi is the CTO and Co-Founder at Firefly. He started his career in the 8200 Unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps and then continued on to security and developer tooling companies.

Sefi was a founding engineer at Dome9 Security (later acquired by Checkpoint), where he led the Backend Infrastructure of the product post-acquisition. Before founding Firefly, he became Head of Engineering in an Israeli cybersecurity startup company. Today he is building Firefly to help engineers manage the new reality of cloud-native operations.

Panel Discussion - AI and the Future of Cloud Development

Prepare yourself for the future of cloud development! Gain valuable insights from industry experts in our panel discussion, where we explore the transformative impact of AI on the cloud infrastructure and software engineering industries. The panel discussion will be moderated by CEO Joe Duffy. These are the panelists:

Amanda Silver - CVP Developer Tools, Microsoft

Amanda is the CVP of PM for Microsoft’s Developer Division, including the Visual Studio family of products, .NET, TypeScript, and our developer platforms. She has been key to Microsoft’s transformation to contribute to open source with the introduction of TypeScript, Visual Studio Code, and the acquisition of both Xamarin and GitHub. She believes that a tight digital feedback loop with zero distance between end-users and engineering teams is a critical element of great product development.

Beyang Liu - Co-Founder & CTO, Sourcegraph

Beyang is the CTO and co-founder of Sourcegraph. Prior to Sourcegraph, Beyang was a software engineer at Palantir Technologies, where he developed new data analysis software on a small, customer-facing team working with Fortune 500 companies. Beyang studied Computer Science at Stanford, where he published research in probabilistic graphical models and computer vision at the Stanford AI Lab and thoroughly enjoyed his compilers course.

Luke Hoban - TypeScript Co-Creator and CTO, Pulumi

Luke is CTO at Pulumi. He has worked on developer tools his entire career. He started out on Visual Studio, C#, and .NET in the early 2000s, later joined the ECMAScript standards body as a representative of Microsoft and then became one of the co-founders of the TypeScript programming language.

Thank you to our amazing partners for supporting PulumiUP! Visit these booths for tech talks, demos and Q&A about your favorite cloud platforms and developer tools:

  • AWS - Solutions Architects will be on hand to demo the latest AWS and Pulumi capabilities and help you get the most from the AWS platform.
  • Google Cloud - Customer Engineers will help you accelerate your cloud journey with helpful tips and Q&A.
  • Microsoft - Cloud Advocates will be available to show you how to kickstart your projects on Azure.
  • Equinix - Stop by the Equinix booth to learn all about the new Equinix Pulumi provider.
  • CircleCI - Stop by the CircleCI booth to learn best practices for adopting CI/CD in your organization.
  • New Relic - The New Relic team will demonstrate how to get started with Observability as Code with Pulumi and New Relic.
  • Firefly - If you have existing cloud resources you can convert them to Pulumi code easily with Firefly. Stop by the Firefly booth for a demo.
  • Nitric - The Nitric team will be on site to show you how to create cloud-agnostic infrastructure code from your application code.
  • Klotho - The Klotho team will show you how devops teams an application teams can easily collaborate to moderize and scale infrastructure without disruptions.
  • Port - Join the Port team to learn how to setup a self-service portal for your developers.

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