Pulumi adoption made easy with the new Migration Hub

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Today we are launching Pulumi’s new Migration Hub, a comprehensive guide to help you seamlessly adopt Pulumi no matter where you are coming from, whether that’s Terraform, CloudFormation, … or even manually provisioned resources not yet governed by an infrastructure as code solution. Our new Expert Services group is ready to roll up their sleeves to help you adopt Pulumi faster. The Migration Hub also features many commercial offers for open source foundations, startups, and complementary migration, to minimize switching costs and risks. It’s never been easier to adopt Pulumi.

Why Pulumi?

Nearly 2,000 customers and over 130,000 practitioners have chosen Pulumi for their infrastructure as code needs. About half the time, these end users have an existing infrastructure as code solution that has stopped meeting their needs. The other half of the time, infrastructure may have been created in the cloud console (“click-ops”), using a cloud CLI, or some other manual provisioning tool, but now needs to become repeatable and scalable using infrastructure as code.

The most common reasons teams prefer Pulumi include:

  • Best-in-class productivity
  • Accessible to the entire organization, thanks to industry standard languages
  • Ability to deal with complexity at scale, thanks to stacks, config, sharing and reuse, and more
  • Perfect confidence thanks to policies and testing
  • Secure by-default, with built-in support for secrets
  • Highly programmable engine can be embedded anywhere, to build custom platforms and tools
  • Instant collaborative bridge between developers and infrastructure experts

Thanks to Pulumi, teams are able to do more with less, ship faster with confidence, tackle very challenging cloud infrastructure projects and scale with them, empower more of the team to be self-serve and collaborate more closely, and ultimately turn the cloud into a competitive advantage.

Pulumi is also true Apache 2.0 open source and we welcome anyone who wishes to build atop it.


Of course, it’s one thing to choose Pulumi, but another thing entirely to adopt it and get all of your infrastructure under its management, especially if you have existing infrastructure. That might include converting existing code, or even just importing existing manually provisioned cloud resources.

There are two major approaches to this challenge.

Self-Serve Migration

Pulumi offers many tools and techniques should you want to perform a migration on your own.

In the most general form, Pulumi provides an import command which can import any existing infrastructure no matter how it was originally created, click-ops included.

Pulumi also offers conversion tools for other popular infrastructure as code solutions, including HashiCorp Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager (ARM), or Kubernetes YAML.

Although the time to migrate existing infrastructure varies wildly based on the size and complexity of your scenario, migrating a single cloud environment can often take as little as a few hours. And thanks to Pulumi being multi-language at its core, these tools will support you the same no matter which language you choose, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go, C#, Java, and YAML alike.

To learn more about performing your own migration, please read this user guide.

Let Us Help You Out with Expert Services!

Although self-serve is an option, there can often still be uncertainty around this approach.

It may not be clear how much time a full migration will take, leaving the possibility that you’ll be left with multiple infrastructure as code solutions – either temporarily or even permanently. Although the tools are a huge help, they don’t always get you 100% of the way there. We also often hear that skilling yourself up on a one-time migration activity takes away from critical time spent on business initiatives.

All of this adds friction, risk, and uncertainty to the Pulumi adoption decision. The last thing we want is for the one-time migration to prevent you from adopting Pulumi. Thankfully, we are here to help!

Today we are announcing the formation of Pulumi’s Expert Services group. This team of industry and infrastructure as code experts is on standby and ready to roll up their sleeves to help you with migration, training, and other services efforts. No project is too small: we are currently working with customers with 100KLOCs of legacy infrastructure as code that needs to be migrated, for example.

Today we are also announcing an extension to our Terraform Migration Offer, in which we will bundle migration of your Terraform projects with your Pulumi Enterprise or Business Critical subscription. Today we are excited to announce that this same package is now available for all migration efforts, including AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager (ARM), …, or even infrastructure that was manually provisioned. We are also prepared to scale up from there depending on your needs.

Success Stories

Over time, Pulumi is becoming a more comprehensive platform, with new services like Pulumi Deployments for multi-cloud deployment workflows and Pulumi Insights for search, analytics, and AI for your cloud infrastructure. Pulumi also offers policies and secrets as core features of the platform. Enterprises are increasingly betting on Pulumi for their entire cloud management and platform needs.

By moving to Pulumi’s platform, many customers have seen considerable benefits:

Atlassian significantly increased developer velocity, increasing productivity by more than 2X and substantially decreasing the amount of time spent on maintenance tasks.

Mercedes-Benz got the whole team shipping faster and with more confidence by building a platform that helped developers be self-serve with infrastructure while scaling up to 100s of Kubernetes clusters worldwide.

Snowflake rapidly improved time to market by betting on Pulumi, empowering their engineers, and delivering the Data Cloud. Snowflake ultimately beat their IPO deadlines and knew legacy infrastructure as code wouldn’t do it.

Washington Trust Bank modernized their cloud infrastructure and practices, speeding up internal delivery, while also increasing their confidence thanks to policy as code guardrails.

Fauna adopted a born in the cloud mindset and was able to build a multi-cloud, highly scalable, modern SaaS application, actually increasing reliability even in the face of growing complexity.

In each of these cases, the customer evaluated Pulumi against alternative infrastructure as code solutions, but ultimately chose Pulumi due to the aforementioned benefits.

Special Offers

In addition to migration services, Pulumi offers two programs to help get up and running quickly:

  • Open Source: Any open source foundation or project can use Pulumi Team Edition free of charge.

  • Startup Discount: Any early stage startup gets $10,000 free credits and access to Pulumi Enterprise.

Calling All Partners!

As Pulumi’s market adoption has skyrocketed, we’ve begun to build out our official partner program. Although we don’t have anything major to announce (yet), we’d love to talk to you if infrastructure as code is an important part of your own customers’ needs. That includes ISV product integrations, global and regional systems integrators and consultants, and more. Note that Pulumi is already available in the AWS and Azure marketplaces. If you are interested in discussing a partnership, please contact us.

Get Started Today

Migrating from an existing solution can seem like a daunting task, but with Pulumi’s new Migration Hub and Expert Services, it has never been easier to adopt Pulumi than it is today. To learn more, visit the Migration Hub or simply contact us – we would love to hear from you.