Introducing the Pulumi Cloud Team Edition Cost Calculator

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Pulumi Cloud pricing is straightforward- a charge per resource hour for every resource managed by Pulumi Cloud and a charge for every deployment minute (only applicable if using Pulumi Deployments). However, when prospective customers first look at Pulumi Cloud costs it can be overwhelming to determine what your workload will look like and then do the math.

Today we are making available a simple tool for estimating your cost on the Team Edition of Pulumi Cloud to get prospective customers to the information as quickly as possible.

Just input the number of resources in all your cloud accounts and the percentage of time they will be up (12 hours a day would be 50% of the time) and you have an estimate of your costs! If you are already using Pulumi for your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) you can run a pulumi preview to see the resource count in a stack. Add your estimated deployment minutes to see Pulumi Deployments costs included. The amount of time it takes to run an update on a stack locally is a good starting place for estimating deployment costs. Toggle from Per Month to Per Day to see your daily cost estimate instead of monthly.

Calculate Pulumi Cloud Costs

Screenshot of the pricing calculator

What inputs are required:

  • Number of resources
  • Utilization
  • Deployment minutes (optional)

The pricing calculator then provides:

  • Estimated cost per month or day
  • Free credits included
  • Cost per credit

And just like that you have your estimate! For customers who will be spending over $20,000 a year, please contact sales to see what bulk discount options are available for your organization.