PulumiUP: the Event for Cloud Engineers

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My professional background has included nearly ten years of managing field events and user conferences. I never thought I would say this, but I miss traveling. I even missed Vegas and AWS re:Invent this year. I miss connecting with customers and advocates in our communities. I wish we could all be looking forward to getting together in person in Seattle or Austin or insert any city here. As the year continued, it became clear we were not going back to in-person events anytime soon, and everyone in the industry pivoted to virtual programs while video conferencing became an all-day activity.

We spent a lot of time considering how to best engage and share announcements with our community and encourage the cloud engineering community’s growth. All of us here at Pulumi recognize how valuable your time is and how much time we’ve all spent on virtual event platforms in the last year. With that in mind, we made a deliberate decision to avoid any all-day or multi-day programming. Instead, we are hosting a short 2-hour keynote that we think you will find insightful and valuable, with best practices and real-life situations that you can learn from and apply to your approach to building, delivering, and managing modern cloud applications.


PulumiUP Agenda - Kicking off on 4/20 at 9 am - 11 am PST - Save your spot

SpeakersTitle and CompanySubject
Joe DuffyCo-Founder and CEO, PulumiThe Modern Cloud Era: All Software is Cloud Software
Adrian Cockcroft & Aaron KaoVP of Sustainability Architecture, Amazon VP of Marketing, PulumiDiscussion: What’s different about building in a modern cloud application world
Justin FitzhughVP of Cloud Engineering, SnowflakePerspectives from Cloud Engineering Pioneers
Keith RedmondVP of SaaS Engineering, FenergoPerspectives from Cloud Engineering Pioneers
Luke HobanCTO, PulumiPlacing Cloud Engineering in the Hands of Every Developer
Sophia ParafinaTechnical Marketing Manager, Pulumi
Komal AliSoftware Engineer
Panel: Hear from the Experts: Planning for the Future of Modern Cloud ApplicationsTitle and Company
Moderator: Kat CosgroveDeveloper Advocate, JFrog
Justin FitzhughVP of Cloud Engineering, Snowflake
Charity MajorsCTO/Co-Founder, Honeycomb
Dana LawsonVP of Engineering, GitHub

Engineering leadership from Snowflake, the cloud data warehousing organization, and Fenergo, a client lifecycle management provider for the financial services industry, will share their perspectives and experiences practicing cloud engineering for the modern cloud era. Justin Fitzhugh, VP of Cloud Engineering at Snowflake, and Keith Redmond, VP of SaaS Engineering at Fenergo, will each share how they reduced costs while empowering every developer on their team.

Everyone at Pulumi is super excited to be sharing this material with our community. If you are interested in cloud engineering, cloud infrastructure, software development, modern applications, or Pulumi, you want to save your spot for this 2-hour event. Whether you’re a seasoned cloud engineer or just curious to learn what’s all the fuss about cloud engineering, you will learn something new about the future of building on the cloud at PulumiUP. You can also sign up for new workshops and other events occurring in April and May. We’ll miss seeing you in person but hope that changes soon! Pulumipus and I are packing our bags and hoping for the best.

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