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Continue on Error in the Pulumi CLI

Continue on Error in the Pulumi CLI

When managing many resources with Pulumi, a pulumi up or pulumi destroy can lead to a complex graph of resource operations being performed as concurrently as possible relative to the dependencies in your program. If one of those operations fails, you may have noticed that Pulumi takes the most conservative approach, letting already in-flight operations complete, but not starting any new operations. Most often, that’s what you want – there might be no point in bringing up more infrastructure if a resource fails.

However, in some cases it can be useful to keep going to try to bring resources that are independent from the failed one into the requested state, be that resources being created or destroyed. For example, when doing a pulumi destroy, you may want to have Pulumi destroy as many resources as it can, without stopping when the first error occurs.

You can now do exactly that with the new --continue-on-error flag for pulumi up and pulumi destroy.

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