Upcoming AWS + Pulumi Webinar on Feb 5

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Pulumi is hosting a webinar with AWS Fargate on February 5th, 10AM PST (register here). We’ll be chatting about how to implement cloud native infrastructure across your organization using AWS and Pulumi: general purpose programming languages to deliver everything from VMs to Kubernetes to Serverless.

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Registration link. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How using general-purpose programming languages provides familiar and powerful programming concepts to infrastructure-as-code challenges
  • How Pulumi can help build a library of code packages to enhance efficiency when implementing standard policies, network best practices, and more
  • Best practices for becoming a deployment-focused organization, rather than configuration-focused, to continuously deliver new cloud-native infrastructure with containerization

Joining us is Pulumi customer Learning Machine. Adopting Pulumi helped Learning Machine reduce 25,000 LoC of ad-hoc DevOps scripts to 500 LoC of JavaScript, improving time to ship code, time to provision and onboard new customers, and unify their Development and DevOps teams and techniques.

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Download the case study

This webinar will be useful to developers, System Architects, IT managers and DevOps managers. (register here).

Ask any questions you have to our speakers, Trevor Hansen (Startup Partner Solutions Architect), Luke Hoban (CTO, Pulumi), and Kim Hamilton Duffy (CTO & Principal Architect, Learning Machine).

To learn more about the webinar, check out our e-book and case study.