Pulumi’s Coronavirus Plan

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Together, we’re facing an unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. In this note, I’d like to tell you about the steps we’ve taken to ensure the health of our employees, community, and to ensure business continuity throughout.

To our customers

First and foremost, our thoughts are with anyone impacted by the virus either directly or indirectly. We are taking the utmost precautions necessary to ensure the health of our employees and the community.

At Pulumi, we are entirely customer and community-driven and have taken a number of steps to ensure business continuity. We know that stable infrastructure is critical to keeping your own business running smoothly and want you assure you that Pulumi is here for you as you focus on your own response to the situation.

Cloud infrastructure can be an essential component in the fight against this pandemic — something we are keenly aware of as we have government and healthcare customers that must scale up their response. If you or someone you know may be able to benefit from our technology, please contact us directly.

A cross-functional leadership team at Pulumi met early on and acted quickly, moving to remote work over 2 weeks ago. This same team regularly assesses recent developments and monitors local, state, federal, and international guidelines, to ensure that we react appropriately to the ever-changing situation.

Here are some of the concrete steps we have taken.

Remote work

The Pulumi team is fortunate enough to have been remote-friendly since our inception, with many employees already outside of our Seattle HQ, including international employees who are ready to help our customers. Over 2 weeks ago, we made the quick decision to move to 100% remote temporarily so that employees are safe and to support social distancing initiatives.

This shift ensures we are doing our utmost to support the containment of the disease spreading. Moving from remote-friendly to all-remote has required some changes, however, our own team has felt that it has overall pushed us to improve communication and knowledge sharing. GitLab’s all-remote guide has been very helpful in this transition.

Software as a service continuity

From day one, the Pulumi service was architected for continuous delivery without manual processes. We ship new features and improvements multiple times a week, every week, and this situation has not impacted that cadence. We have strong operations policies and procedures to respond to any situations that may arise.

Expect to see the same great dependable service you’ve come to know with a steady stream of new features and improvements in the weeks ahead as we get ready for our major product launch in early April.

Leveraging digital channels

The demand for Pulumi content and education continues to grow and, even in the face of restricted travel, we will ramp it up further. Although many events worldwide we’d planned to sponsor or otherwise participate in have been canceled, we have shifted to working with customers through digital channels wherever we can.

Our blog, Community Slack, and PulumiTV YouTube channel are already great online resources, but we have significant new efforts in the works. We’re starting a weekly live video stream called Modern Infrastructure as Code Wednesday featuring learnings from our deepest technical experts. We are having our first online Hackathon this Thursday. Our major upcoming launch on April 22nd has now turned into a day full of online infrastructure content from our team, customers, and partners. Learn more details about these digital events and more here.

Please drop us a note if you’d like us to participate in an online event, host a joint webinar, or want to see a specific topic covered.

In the weeks ahead

We will continue meeting regularly as a leadership team, and talking to our customers and partners, so that we can evolve our strategy and take new measures for health, safety, and continuity purposes as appropriate. We will keep you updated.

We are confident in what we are doing to keep our employees safe, continue delivering value and reliability in our products, and to keep Pulumi’s business functioning normally for our valued customers. Even as we deal with this pandemic, our entire team remains laser-focused on your success and, as always, if there is anything we can ever to do help with your own ever-changing needs, please get in touch with us.