Announcing the Pulumi Challenge!

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Introducing the Pulumi Challenge, launching today! We think Pulumi is an amazing IaC tool that increases developer velocity and handles the scale of the cloud with ease. Try it out for yourself by taking a Pulumi Challenge! You’ll build something cool, and we’ll send you some super secret swag in return. We promise it’s better than a t-shirt.

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The Pulumi Challenge is a series of specialized tutorials, released monthly. Each challenge will guide you through building a real-world application, some of them useful and some of them silly, showcasing the varied ways Pulumi can be a lifesaver for your team at work or your side-projects at home. At the end, you’ll have something you can use, and we’ll send you swag unique to each challenge too!

How it Works

Work through the Challenge tutorial to build a real-world application, personalizing it as you go. You’ll learn how Pulumi works to ease integration and infrastructure deployment through providers for major cloud providers, Kubernetes, observability tools, CI/CD systems, dynamic providers, reusable component resources, and more.

Once a Challenge is complete, our swag provider will kick off and send you the unique item for that Challenge. Every challenge offers something different, so complete them all as we release them!

There’s another way to get more swag, though: Write a 500-word blog article or post a 3-minute video about your Pulumi Challenge project, and we’ll send you something even nicer.

August Challenge

Our inaugural Pulumi Challenge is Startup in a Box. We’ll walk you through building a customizable landing page for your startup, side-project, current hyperfixation, or pet, all deployed to AWS S3 with Cloudfront for a CDN and Checkly for monitoring! You’ll learn about interacting with AWS services through Pulumi, deploying to S3, building reusable components, using Providers with Checkly, and building Dynamic Providers.

Try it for yourself, and follow us on Twitter to get a heads up when a new one launches!