Delivering Cloud Native Infrastructure as Code, a Pulumi white paper

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Enterprise software has undergone a slow shift from containerless servers to serverless containers.

The evolution of the cloud, combined with the shift to increasingly ephemeral infrastructure, and the connection of application code and infrastructure code, demands a different view of cloud development and devops.

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To a first approximation, all developers are cloud developers, all applications are cloud native, and all operations are cloud-first. Yet, there is a lack of a consistent approach to delivering cloud native applications and infrastructure. The tools and processes differ by technology generation, and even by cloud vendor, and so deny the full potential of cloud native application delivery.

In our latest white paper, Delivering Cloud Native Infrastructure as Code, we make the case for a consistent programming model for the cloud and examine:

  • How the cloud has already evolved three times as it increasingly moves toward stateless compute to deliver on the opportunities afforded by unprecedented economies of scope and scale.
  • How stateless compute has shifted infrastructure management concerns from ‘at rest’ to ‘in motion’, and moved these concerns up the stack to development.
  • How the growth of DSL-based tools has lead to complexity for DevOps teams, failed to deliver on the promised collaboration between development and operations functions, and does not satisfy the need for increasing delivery speed in the cloud.

You can read the paper in full here, or download a copy here.

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