Happy Birthday to Pulumi open source!

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One year ago today – on June 18, 2018 – we open sourced Pulumi, a new approach to multi-cloud infrastructure as code using your favorite languages. And what a year it has been!

Here are some highlights we’ve added in partnership with the community since launching:

In addition to the steady stream of product improvements, the community has grown fast:

  • 1,000s of cloud engineers trying out Pulumi across over 1,000 companies.
  • 1,000 end users collaborating in our Community Slack – including emerging MVPs!
  • Open source contributions from over 100 community members.
  • Nearly 5,000 commits, across over 100 open source Git repositories.

What we’ve enjoyed most is hearing about the innovation you, the end user and customer, have accomplished thanks to Pulumi’s unique approach. These experiences range from enabling better collaboration between application and infrastructure engineers; vastly improved productivity; more secure, robust, and reliable delivery pipelines; and an improved ability to go to production in multiple clouds, including by leveraging the cloud native Kubernetes stack.

A few notable success stories include:

  • Mercedes-Benz R&D North America used Python infrastructure as code to break down team silos between developers and infrastructure engineers.
  • Tableau was able to get up and running with Kubernetes in AWS, using Amazon EKS, and make progress on their journey to bringing continuous delivery to their organization.
  • Learning Machine went from 25KLOC YAML to 500 lines of JavaScript, got containers running in AWS and Kubernetes, and halved their cloud bill along the way. Read more.
  • Mapbox built a scalable IoT tracking solution with serverless Lambdas. Read more.
  • Multiple early stage startups, including Jargon, a TechStars company, have used Pulumi to get up and running quickly in the cloud – doing in days what used to take weeks.
  • Dozens of more great stories that we can’t wait to share in the weeks to come!

We want to sincerely thank our community and our customers and partners – without you, the year wouldn’t have nearly been as successful. The best part is that we’re only just getting started. Expect another year of more innovation, growing community engagement, customer success, and more focus on end to end solutions borne out of experience.

Whether it’s adopting infrastructure as code on your favorite cloud, deploying containers to Kubernetes, or architecting and executing on your multi-cloud journey, Pulumi is here for you!


Joe and the Pulumi Team