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esc env diff

    Show changes between versions.


    Show changes between versions

    This command displays the changes between two environments or two versions of a single environment.

    The first argument is the base environment for the diff and the second argument is the comparison environment. If the environment name portion of the second argument is omitted, the name of the base environment is used. If the version portion of the second argument is omitted, the ’latest’ tag is used.

    esc env diff [<org-name>/]<environment-name>[@<version>] [[[org-name/]<environment-name>]@<version>] [flags]


      -f, --format string   the output format to use. May be 'dotenv', 'json', 'yaml', 'detailed', or 'shell'
      -h, --help            help for diff
          --path string     Show the diff for a specific path
          --show-secrets    Show static secrets in plaintext rather than ciphertext

    Options inherited from parent commands

          --env string   The name of the environment to operate on.


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